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When I grow up…

This was my chica post last week, but I wanted to post it here too (I am always looking for interesting jobs). So if you have one/know one pass the info along!

What do they want to be when they grow up?

It’s funny how some things stick with you, part of the details you can’t forget, but the source or where you heard it *poof* gone-gone, no more. So I apologize for this first part: I can’t remember much, but this has stuck with me—and stayed—every time I start a new book: character occupation. At a workshop (I’m sure it was a RWA-type workshop), a speaker commented on the types of jobs the characters in romance novels have. What stuck out was his mention of when writer’s main character’s are well… writers. It was more or less an off-hand remark about us not getting out enough and we (being writers) start to look inward for ideas. Hence the writers as characters.

I myself have a WIP in which the heroine is a writer—a romance writer at that (and I like it that way, thankyouverymuch).

Finding a job that suits your H/H as well as the story can be tricky. There are the obvious job choices that can play into a story: Police officer, PI, any number of soldiers/special forces. And you have Cowboys, actors and musicians—these will often contain built in conflict/plot.  

Then there comes the mundane (which can often lead in to the wheres and whys of the story).

After I have named my H/H (which to me is just about the most important starting process) is finding them a job. It’s hard to make it exciting and flexible enough to withstand whatever turmoil they go through in the course of the book. I mean, nowadays if you miss three days of work in a row because you’re on the run from some big bad dude, chances are, you’re not going to get your job back—and this is assuming he hasn’t already come looking for you at your place of employment and has blown it all to hell. HR people aren’t too keen on this. At the same the challenge can be fun.

My first novella released, I was hard pressed to come up with a job for the hero, I ended up doing a lot of research online and made him an actuary (I can’t even remember what put me on this track but it played into the wheres and why of how the H/H hook up at the beginning—He’s at an insurance salesman conference and she’s getting snockered at the hotel bar. To this day, I can remember the pay-scale but couldn’t necessarily tell you what the job entails.

I suppose he could have just been at the bar and met her, but through his job, and a little switcheroo with his name tag (because of his job), an added layer of angst came into the plotline.

When I come across an interesting job, I stow it away in the mental files for when it will work just right in that next WIP.  It is a balance you have to consider.

How do you decide what your peeps want to be when they grow up?


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