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Oh wow…

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I posted anything on here. It’s amazing how time can zip past you and you don’t even realize it. I haven’t been idle all this time, I promise you. With 4 kids, 2 dogs (now 3–see below) and a much-traveling husband, things are ALWAYS on the go around here and something new is always happening. As a matter of fact, I actually have two new books coming out–one in August and the next in January. They are written under my (brand spanking new) pseudonym: Emery Harper. They are part of a cozy mystery series. I am currently editing book two in the series which can be quite a time-draw!

The hubby and I got a chance to get away and got to Hawaii this past winter. It was much needed downtime away from the male offspring that are always under foot!

IMG_1707On top of all that, I, just this very week, got a new puppy. And she is as cute and she is hyper (or asleep). She’s keeping up all on our toes! (She’s a Wheaten Terrier and already a McDonald through and through) wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png

School will be out next week. This school year flew past and as of Friday, next week, I will have a high school freshman–oh, that is so hard to believe–and a senior. Wow and wow. The two older boys are both working full-time (and living here) having decided to forgo college–which is fine, I guess. I’d rather them work at something than waste money not wanting to be there–we already did a year each of that each.

Hope all is well with y’all and I hope to be able to keep on top of things a little better!


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Yes, I know I haven’t blogged in FORever (or as my kids say now if it’s something *really* long: five-ever—yeah, my kids are weird). Things with four kids are always hectic. It’s funny that I thought once I had two kids of driving age, life would be so very much easier. Boy, was I mistaken!

But that is the way of a mom, right? You push everything else back for the kiddos. (At least one kid appreciates it and has promised very nice accommodations at a top-notch nursing home when the time comes.) Nyah-Nyah

Still, it’s been months and I am sorry for the absence. Now, cut to THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL … WOOT! Rainbow

And how glad I am that the first day of school was managed and is over! They put #3 child (a sophomore) in Freshman English. I had words. They put him in Soph English but for some inexplicable reason they pulled his Theater class and put him in P.E. I had *WAY* more words (even as a beginning soph, he has already completed *all* the require PE credits—thank you marching band and baseball). He now has tech theater instead of P.E. (I warned him to be careful and nice to the girls in the class—were it not for NSHS tech theater there would be no him, or his bros Winking smile )

#4 child (in jr high—wow) all but melted walking home from school (over a mile in 103° w/ no shade at all—it’s not that far until you add in that dern heat); I felt so bad I will pick him up the rest of the week, at least. He’s deliriously happy. He was pleased with his classes, save the class with the Vietnam Vet who is very strict, he’s worried he won’t cut it. He will and it’ll be good for the kid!

The two college boys (oh, how that hurts to say!) seem to like their classes—so far. I’m not crazy about the books that cost (literally) twice the amount of the class hours themselves. One kid is pretty sure he can find one text book online, which apparently the teacher is okay with, while another one of his classes you have to have a code that comes with the book in order to turn things in. Wow… can’t believe that!

… and DO NOT get me started about the Cluster F#$% of traffic yesterday in front of the schools (which not a one had crossing guards—The elementary really surprised me, you want to make the kids fend for themselves on the first day of school, in uber-traffic?!?)

Le sigh … today is day 2. I will think positive and … To quote Mr. Roarke, “Smiles everyone, smiles”  Smile

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Turkey-week out

I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The McDhousehold celebrated for days. As I mentioned, it started a week ago Sunday. That’s what you get to do when you have kids, parents, siblings and in-laws to boot … so much family you get cross-eyed—but in a good way. I like to make a full meal for just our house the weekend before. The hubby really likes him some turkey. It’s fun to pull it off and it earns major “honey do” points, not that I promote guilt trips to the spouse but hey, if it works Winking smile

There was a week of “stuff” to do from cooking the regular meals (do you know how much three teens and a ten-year-old eat al day long… let me tell you: A LOT!) and the little add-ons for Thursday. I made 2 bowlfuls of cranberry sauce, the hubby’s mostest fave green bean casserole (twice) and 12 dozen cookies. No, that’s not a typo, Wednesday was uber-cookie-making-day until just before Christmas.  Sadly, or happily—not sure what your view on it might be—most of the cookies are already gone (but they did go with us to the in-laws).  Thursday, we went to the BIL’s house for a day with the other McDs… We had all the goodies we have every year, got to see family and watched the Cowboys win (thank goodness… otherwise, it would have been a most unpleasant hour-long ride home).  It was a good and long day on Thursday—the dogs were very happy to see us come home. And I was glad that I didn’t know the neighbor was deep frying a turkey in his front yard until after I came home—sheesh!

Then it was truly rest day. And before you gasp in horror, no I don’t shop on Black Friday. Having worked in a mall all four years the hubby was in college, the last year being 81/2 months pregnant the day after Thanksgiving (and once a couple of years later at a Wal-Mart—with a two-year-old and one-year-old home alone with the hubby… you’d think his one time being with them like that was he hardest thing ever… ha!), I have seen enough Black Fridays that I will probably NEVER ever shop on that infamous Friday—in stores. Online is a whole ‘nother thing and yes I have started burning up the internet with purchases. Smile with tongue out

The weekend, we picked back up the regular routine: Kids, kids and more kids. And it’s when I got back to my reading and most importantly writing. After the week of family and food I have so much more to add in to my books now… bwaaahhh, er, um, “Any resemblance of the characters to actual people is purely a coincidence…”

Again, I hope y’all had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. And if your family is anything like mine, use my motto: it’s all book-fodder!  Rolling on the floor laughing  Cheers!

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School on the brain

School starts in a little over a week… can you hear me cheering now. I am so terribly happy (more so than I should be). I have been buying supplies for weeks. I must admit, I love school supplies so that’s no hardship on my part—just ask the other girls here. The kids, in the mean time, are driving me nuts! They are on each other’s nerves like crazy. Unfortunately, it’s too hot here to shove them out the door and make them play—last week it got up to 108° on Monday, 110° Tues. thru Thurs., and back down to 108° of Friday. We’re breaking heat records left and right and left again. Which of course, is not outside-kid conducive. Though frying an egg on the driveway was fun, for all of 10 secs—then it was just too dern hot!

Still, lots to do. There are several stages getting the kids ready for school. Every year (and I mean every single year, every single school… such a huge pain) we have to schlep out to the school and prove we *still* live where we say we do. I hate that the most. It seems to be the biggest waste of time. But as I have no choice, I do it. This year they’re putting all the forms we have to fill out online. That is a godsend. With four boys time six to 8 pages of repetitive crap every dang year, it will save time. Once it’s in it’s in and I only have to tweak the changes.

Soon we should be getting schedules. For all but the youngest this is a huge deal. (the youngest is only in fourth grade so you get what you get—and now that one of the least favored teachers has retired, he’s not worried at all). The other three are worried about their classes and teachers and one was going to drop athletics then thought better of it. Another wanted in athletics (and signed up for it) is now also fretting being in it—but he’s also in honors band so who knows how that will play out.

We have already been buying clothes here and there, too. They are a little put out I won’t let them wear it ’til school starts. But such is life.

All this back-to-school drama is so *much* drama. And considering it’s all boys… I can only imagine what girls would do to me.

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My football guy

Spare had his first football game (EVER)… he was the quarterback every 4th play, the kicker, and a safety as well as special teams—he’s also the punter but they went for it every time on 4th down so he never got to punt.



He is no longer the quarterback, because they made him pick offense or defense (they have too many kids and several didn’t get to play—even though I am pretty sure Spare was in EVERY defense play the team had) and he has too many positions on the defense. However during his Q-Bing: he ran 15 yards to the 2 yard line to set up the touchdown on the next play—that’s my boy! (he smacked the hell outta the other team twice and got his name announced over the intercom—made me tear up!)


They won 8 to 6 (they only go for 2 point conversions and don’t kick the extra point). As usual he is quite good at this sport and is UBER-enthusiastic! (“Mom, did you see me cheering when we won?”  Yes, I did, he was the only one running off the field with his arms up! C’mon boys, where’s you team spirit!)

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One more day

Tomorrow . . . . tomorrow, I (well, not I alone, but I am just shy of FREAKING OUT anyway) will crest a milestone. My baby, my first born, heir to the McD throne will be . . . . {gasp} a teenager.

Can you believe it?

I was fairly young when he was born—22—totally gave my age away there, oh well—but I am feeling the pangs of having a teen. He is a joy to be around when his naturally inherited smart mouth isn’t flipping a barb at his parents or brothers. And though he’s been taller than me for well over a year, he’s uber-sweet to hug on, when you can catch him.

Gosh I can’t believe . . . a teenage in my house tomorrow.

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Wordless Wednesday



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